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FaceFX Technology

The FaceFX uses Home Fractional technology (HF). Home Fractional technology is a safe and effective manner to provide stimulation of heat and light energy to the multiple layers of your skin for a total solution.

How Does FaceFX Work?

The FaceFX uses Home Fractional technology (HF). HF technology is a synergistic combination of deep fractional red light and healing dermal heat to achieve long-term radiant skin.

HF technology targets the top layer of your skin to address fine lines and pores, leading to texture improvements.

While HF technology address the top layer of skin, it simultaneously penetrates deeper into the skin to address larger wrinkles and discolored spots.

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What Areas Can I Treat?

While the FaceFX is designed for facial treatment it can also be used on the hands and neck. Skin around the eyes can be treated with the FaceFX and no safety googles are required during treatment because the device needs to be in contact with the skin to emit the energy.

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What is Home Fractional(HF) Technology?

Home Fractional technology is the perfect marriage of dermal heat and red light energy (Deep Fractional Light) to safely reach and treat multiple layers of skin. As the light and heat combine collagen production is stimulated.

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Dermal Heat

A process contributing to skin tightening, results when skin temperatures reach 41°C /106 °F. Dermal heating delivers uniform energy distribution and targets deep into the skin to heat collagen for anti-aging and dermal regeneration.

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Deep Fractional Light

A process of using high power red light stimulating fibroblast growth. Red light energy prompts increased circulation and new cells to turn over. Imperfections on the skin can be gently eliminated and replaced by newer, younger-looking skin.

Fractional light is less invasive than non-dispersed light. By dispersing the energy, FaceFX is able to penetrate deeper into the skin without any discomfort.

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