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Get salon results without the cost

You'll love how this tool makes callus removal effortless, even in the shower. You can change to the tip of your choice for smoothing, shaping and shining your nails.

  • Great for women and men
  • Diamond head callus remover lasts forever
  • Unique economic design for getting those hard to reach areas
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Soft, beautiful feet in one easy treatment

  1. 1. Attach the diamond callus remover
  2. 2. Press On/Off switch. The roller starts to rotate
  3. 3. Apply the rotating roller slowly and carefully to the callus with as little pressure as possible
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Smooth, shiny nails in seconds

  1. 1. Start with the rough polishing head.
  2. 2. Apply the rotating head slowly and carefully to the nail, with as little pressure as possible in order to even-out any ridges on the surface of the nail or rugged edges
  3. 3. Follow up with the gentle polishing head to smooth out the nail and create a visible shine

*Note: nail heads to be used only in dry environment