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SilkyAir Pro
SilkyAir Pro
SilkyAir Pro
SilkyAir Pro
SilkyAir Pro
SilkyAir Pro
SilkyAir Pro
SilkyAir Pro
SilkyAir Pro

Faster and better results

Dry and style your hair in an instant with low temperatures and experience the multiple benefits of our Premium Water Ion technology that ensures less frizz and smoother hair. 

Premium Water Ion Technology
Concentrated airflow
Noise level 75.7 db
18 modes
Air speed 76 km/h
Overheat protection

Great Results

Dry your hair at low temperatures. Less frizz and smoother hair with benefits of Premium Water Ion technology. Use the concentrator attachment for sleek and straight hair. Do you have curly hair? The diffuser attachment is perfect for you!

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Dry your hair at low temperatures. Less frizz and smoother hair with benefits of Premium Water Ion technology.
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Use the diffuser attachment to dry your curls with less frizz due to our Premium Water Ion Technology.

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  • What is Silk'n SilkyAir Pro HDB003?

    The Silk'n SilkyAir Pro HDB003 is a BLDC hair dryer with a powerful brushless motor to dry your hair ultra-fast. Thanks to the Premium Water Ion technology it ensures less frizz and smoother hair, and maintains moisture balance.

  • How fast is the concentrated air flow?

    Thanks to the brushless motor turning at 110,000 rpm, the device is able to generate a powerful concentrated air flow that can reach up to 76 km/h.

  • What is Premium Water Ion technology?

    This technology draws water from the air and converts it into charged micro water particles. These particles penetrate deep into the hair cuticles. Afterwards, the cuticles tighten, reducing split ends and preventing frizziness. This technology ensures that moisture balance is maintained, together with improved hair quality and stronger hair, for more shine and a healthier look.

  • How can SilkyAir Pro prevent heat damage?

    This hair dryer measures the air temperature 50 times per second. When a higher air temperature is detected than the selected temperature setting, the hair dryer automatically adjusts this to prevent overheating.

  • How many settings does it have?

    The SilkyAir Pro has many settings to allow you to customize your drying experience:

    Three speed levels: low, medium, high

    Six temperature settings: 102°F, 131°F, 149°F, 167°F, 185°F, and 203°F (39°C, 55°C, 65°C, 75°C, 85°C and 98°C)

    A cool shot function (room temperature)

  • What is the benefit of a cool shot function?

    After creating your style with the hair dryer, the cool shot allows the hair cuticles to close, setting the hair in place. This ensures that your hair style lasts much longer.

  • What are the attachments for?

    These attachments are magnetic for convenience, and are intended for styling your hair.

    The small concentrator can be used for more precision styling and drying of your hair. It creates a more concentrated air flow for smoother results.

    The wide concentrator creates an even more slimmer and faster concentrated air flow. It has better compatibility with styling brushes for easy and faster blow drying without extreme heat. It is precision styling at its best.

    The diffuser is more suitable for curly hair and spreads the air over a wider area in a more controlled way. It gives your curls more volume and makes them more bouncy.

  • How long is the cable?

    The cable is 9.84ft (3m) long. This allows more freedom of movement.

  • What does the internal cleaning function do?

    The SilkyAir Pro has an internal cleaning function to keep your hair dryer in top condition. With this function, the motor operates in reverse to draw air into the air outlet, which cleans the internal parts of the hair dryer with cool air.

  • How can I use the self cleaning function the best?

    When using the self-cleaning function according to the steps in the user manual, please remove the air inlet cap as well. This way the self-cleaning function has the best cleaning effect. For professional use we recommend using the self-cleaning function every 3 days. For home use we recommend using it every 10 days.

  • Does the hair dryer make a lot of noise?

    No, it does not make a lot of noise. Operating at 75.7 dB, this powerful hair dryer is quite quiet.

  • What is the heat-resistant mat for?

    When the hair dryer is hot, but you need to put it down to style your hair or to let it cool down, you can safely place it on the mat. The mat can withstand temperatures of up to 428°F (220°C), so it can be used for other hair styling tools as well.


Product details

  • Name
    SilkyAir Pro
  • Model
    Hair dryer with Premium Water Ion technology
  • Colour
  • Warranty
    1 year
  • Power supply
    Mains cord
  • Available accessories
  • Dimensions
    10H x 4.88L x 3.15W inch
  • Weight
    23.99 oz.
  • EAN
  • Product ID