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  • Chemical free
  • Clinically proven
  • Safe and painless
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Starts destroying acne-causing bacteria immediately
  • Dehydrates oil-producing glands to prevent future break-outs
  • Effective on all forms of acne — from teenage break-outs to hormonal onset

Combining heat and blue light for healing and prevention of acne.

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The technology is completely non-invasive and gentle. By pressing the device down on problem areas, the blue light works to penetrate and destroy acne-causing bacteria that is found deep within the skin. Meanwhile, mild heat works to dry oil-producing glands. Each treatment lasts 3-4 minutes for each affected area.

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Join the thousands of people who are enjoying clearer skin in just weeks.

I had GREAT success with the Blue. Right away I noticed my oily skin improved, blemishes decreased or disappeared and also any small breakout - the Blue treated and healed it right away.

Not only did it take away the pimples, but they have not returned. I started in October 2013 and by December, the pimples were gone and the scarring has gotten better. I am so thankful for this product.

As someone who does not like overusing chemicals and lotions on their face this was a great alternative. Thanks for the great product!!!!

It has made my skin smoother, less prone to acne, and makes my pores seem more flawless.

I bought the Blue because I had serious acne problems. It really helped for the healing of my zits and my uneven skin of all the dark spots my zits left.

My experience with Blue has been amazing, it's so simple to use and I'm seeing results after only a few weeks! This product has made me feel much more confident about my skin.

After using the Silk'n Blue I noticed a difference but it meant more when the people around me also did. Not only in my appearance, but in my confidence. I didn't realize how much I was held back by my acne until someone told me that I seemed much more confident.

I have tried everything from medication to dermatologists and have spent thousands on products that promise to clear my acne. The only other option was to have very expensive treatments done. For the price of one treatment I was able to purchase the Silk'n Blue and have seen amazing results in a short period of time.