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Consumer Warning on counterfeit Silk'n products

Silk'n has discovered that there are counterfeit versions of the Silk’n Flash&Go, Flash&Go Luxx, FaceFX, Glide 50K and Glide 150K devices being sold online. In other words, there are devices that look exactly like those sold on Silkn.com, but do not have the same technology, and are not approved by the FDA.

Authentic Silk’n devices have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they are safe for personal use, which is why they have received FDA clearance. The counterfeit versions of the devices have undergone no such tests, and therefore could be a serious danger to any user. Counterfeits have different lamps which are not clinically tested like genuine Silk'n products. Counterfeits also do not meet any legal electrical standards because they go through no testing. Not only could these products cause serious physical harm, they can also do some damage to your wallet.

Silk'n assumes no liability for these products will not warranty any counterfeit devices.

Because distinguishing genuine products from counterfeit can be difficult, please purchase only from an authorized Silk'n dealer. Also, please remember all devices purchased from Silkn.com include a FREE double warranty.

The following is a list of UNAUTHORIZED dealers

Unauthorized Amazon.com online resellers
* Daily Deals
* IShopHappy
* Camera Inc.
* Urban Inspirations
* Simple Spot
* Buyherepayme
* General Beauty Store
* Cosmos Planet
* Bomb Brands

Unauthorized online resellers
* Overstock.com
* Rakuten.com
* Dealkings.com
* DHgate.com
* Digitalshopmart.com
* aliexpress.com
* Bonanza.com

If you find a Silk'n product you suspect is counterfeit, please report the item to www.iprcenter.gov/referral, or contact us by clicking here.