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Silk'n Renuva Mask

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Silk'n Renuva Mask Zoom

Silk'n Renuva Mask

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Silk'n Renuva Mask Zoom

Product Details

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles!

The Silk’n Renuva Mask is a spa-quality facial treatment that can be done in the privacy and comfort of your own home. The Renuva Mask helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines leaving your skin feeling smoother and softer. Unlike cream masks that leave more on your hands than on your face, the Renuva Mask allows for a less-mess application.

Renuva is a light mask in the shape of your face that has been soaked in rich nutrients to allow for maximum penetration of the skin and easily adheres for a simple solution to at-home skin rejuvenation. Renuva is gentle while still providing powerful anti-aging results. And clean up is easy. Simply remove the mask and discard—voilà you’re done!



  • Brightens and revives skin
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Relaxing to use and soothes the skin
  • Portable and compact for mobility
  • Less-mess than cream masks



The mask product was amazing. I do have very sensitive skin so it did make me break out just a little. I feel though that it just probably brought all the impurities to the surface so that's wonderful. It made my skin smooth glow and look and feel healthy. Helped greatly with wrinkles! I also used the extra cream or gel from the mask on my hands. My hands are horribly dry and wrinkly and it made such a difference on my hands as well. I felt as if my face and hands just had Botox! Haha. Loved loved loved this product.


I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the face masks. It stayed on, it was comfortable, it was soothing and it WORKED. People noticed my skin, peopled touched my face and I actually have had a few ppl ask where to get them.

I recommend this

The Silk'n Renuva Mask was a special treat as well. I have never used a mask before so I really have nothing to compare it to however I would use them again.. My face felt rejuvenated and refreshed after a long hard day at work. The first time I put one on it was a tad chilly. So I placed the second mask in some warm water first to take the "chill" out. That was nice! Especially with all this cold weather, it felt good to have a bit of warmth on my face. I still see my wrinkles so they didn't disappear, however I do feel that it perked my face up! It seem to add some glow and zing to my face.

At first I was Skeptical but then...

I used the Renuva Mask this afternoon and at first I was skeptical. I thought it was going to be too messy and difficult. Instead, I really feel like after just one mask application, my skin is smoother and has a nice healthy glow to it with minimal mess or fuss. I like that it wasn't a green cream that you have to spread on, let dry and then wipe off. It never felt like it was drying my skin. It felt very hydrating and gave a nice tingle to my skin. I do think the fine lines and wrinkles are lessened with the use of this product. I really like it.

I love it!

Immediately after using the Silk’n Renuva Mask, my skin felt softer, rejuvenated and more tone. It is an inexpensive and quick way to get that “just left the spa feeling” without leaving the comfort of your home. The directions are extremely easy to follow and applying the mask was very simple. I would suggest lying down after applying the mask to enjoy the soothing cool feeling and this will also help to keep the mask in place.


I love this mask! Worth every penny for a little pick me up refresher!


10 minutes...10 simple minutes of close the door, close my eyes and enjoy the cool, refreshing, renewing feeling that this mask made me feel! My friends want to touch my skin when they see me...I love this mask!!


I really enjoyed the masks! They gave me incredibly soft skin and was a very convenient application.


The Mask, now I have to be honest……I have never done a mask before but I can tell you I WANT MORE of these things they are amazing!! My skin felt so amazing after and even though I scared the crap out of my family with it, it is so worth it!!

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