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Pubic Hair Removal

Pubic Hair Removal - Silk’n™

Silk’n hair removal devices work to remove hair from the genital area, but not directly on the genitals. This process is done by both men and women for different reasons. The compulsions of hygiene may lead somebody to opt for pubic hair removal as it reduces the possibility of bad odor or skin irritation. As far as women are concerned, it may offer some women a stronger sense of feminity. Hence it is an issue of health, hygiene and personal comfort that is fast gaining importance in the field of body cosmetology.




Waxing in general, is a kind of epilating where the hair is pulled out by the root. Mostly women adopt this method. There are different styles available with this method such as; French, American and Brazilian. While the French style of waxing takes away hair moderately, the American method takes out the least. Brazilian styling pulls out the maximum hair. Then there is the Bikini style of waxing where the central hairs are left out. In general, Brazilian waxing is more painful and more expensive.

All these methods of pubic hair removal use the same technique. The difference lies in the quantity of hair that is removed. Today, various stylish trends are being introduced in genital hair removaltechniques. With the introduction of various styles of bikinis, more innovations in styles of appearance associated with pubic hair removal have come into place.



Considered to be one of the most popular methods, shaving has to be done very carefully. This method generally adopted by men. The vital issue that should receive your primary attention in this method of pubic hair removal is the use of appropriate accessories. Electric shavers and clippers will enable you to have a clean pubic hair removal. However, exercise great caution while using them as it is possible you might inflict injuries on the genital skin.

Depilatory products

Depilatory products

Various kinds of genital hair removal creams and other depilatories are available on the market that assist people in ridding the body of unwanted hair. These creams are in available in a variety of types and brands, so you have to make a wise decision when picking the right one that is suited to your skin type.

Eye Glasses

Laser method of pubic hair removal

Considered as one of the most effective methods of permanent hair removal, laser treatment is becoming increasingly popular these days. This method of pubic hair removal is looked upon as the best alternative to shaving or waxing. With three to six sittings of laser, effective visible results may be seen in the reduction of pubic hair. This technique is becoming the preferred method thanks to it’s customer satisfaction record (read about home laser hair removal).



In this method, the hair is removed by passing electricity into the hair follicle thereby killing the roots and disabling its growth. This kind of electrolysis hair removal method has evolved in recent years and is gaining fast popularity among people as an effective way of pubic hair removal. The drawback is that this method of pubic hair removal can be painful and quite expensive.

Excessive hair growth may be a disturbing factor in our lives. While choosing your best method of pubic hair removal, use your personal experience and expertise about your skin and make the decision that will give you the joint benefits of a smooth, supple and healthy skin after pubic hair removal.

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Now Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared for PERMANENT HAIR REDUCTION. Silk’n, the leader for personal light-based hair removal, is proud to assure you that our family of products is cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as of March 19, 2008.

This accumulates to over 3 years of continued consumer satisfaction in product performance and clinical efficacy. All consumers should double check that any hair removal device they are using has received FDA clearance. Silk'n highly cautions against purchasing a device without appropriate approvals.

The efficacy and safety was tested in a multi-center clinical study involving four internationally acclaimed medical centers in North America and Israel. The Silk'n family includes the Silk'n Blue, SensEpil and Flash&Go Luxx. The Silk'n products are approved for use in many other areas of the world including Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe.